Hungry Kids Project

The Hungry Kids Project is an outreach of Chino Valley Family Church.  The project is an all volunteer effort and 100% of all donations go to purchasing weekend food packs for school children identified by the Chino Valley Unified School District as being in need of weekend food support.  Currently 250 children in Chino Valley receive weekend food packs.  

Hungrykidsproject.com for more information



CVFC Bookstore

The CVFC Bookstore offers new and used Christian books at a great price.  Look for special book-of-the-month announcements.

Dawn Wier directs the CVFC bookstore

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CVFC Food Pantry


Because a crisis can happen to anyone at anytime, at any age, the food pantry at Chino Valley Family Church provides a small way to help out by providing food to those in need.

Items needed:

  • Canned items – vegetables, soups, Spam of ham, Tuna or Chicken, beans and fruit
  • Gluten free items – cake mix, bread, pasta and cookies
  • Fresh meats – ground beef, ground turkey and chicken
  • Eggs
  • Bulk items – Oatmeal, rice and coffee
  • Toiletry items – toilet roll paper ( 4 roll packages), small toothpaste, bar soap, small shampoo and feminine products ( small packages)
  • Baby items – diapers (all sizes), baby cereal and baby food jars
  • Packaged items – Rice-A-Ronni, rice (small bags), instant potatoes, oatmeal and Granola Bars

Food Pantry – Director Jessieanne Wade



Psalm 91 Ministry

Our mission is to minister to the soldiers we support by:

  • Writing cards and letters to let them know we support and appreciate them
  • Sending care packages to our deployed soldiers twice a year around the 4th of July and Christmas holiday

If you have a family member or know someone who is serving our country and would like us to support them, please call Evelyn at 928 583-0825.

Psalm 91 Ministry – Director Evelyn Munjoy